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Water is life

Water Quality Management Tools for a changing world:
Maintain healthy, resilient
water ecosystems.
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Track water quality, everywhere.

No more blind spots: GybeMaps uses satellite imagery to monitor water quality at a never before seen scale. View changes in Turbidity, Chlorophyll-a and more across an entire Water Body. 

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Monitoring tools that transform the management, conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems. 


The latest information

Everything you need to know, automatic, up to date & in 1 place.

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A basin-scale overview

A complete overview of the entire body of water, for key water quality parameters.


Whole new insights

Data in historical context, analytics tools, notifications and more. 

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Try it out.

The GybeMaps WebApp makes it easy to Browse your water quality data, and quickly see if any parameter levels are unusual on your Dashboard, predict algal bloom activity, and more. 

Learn more about GybeMaps here
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Gybe presents at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC.

We were selected to represent sustainable development goal 6: Clean water and sanitation. 

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Why “water positive” isn’t going to save companies.

By Alexis Morgan, WWF Global Water Stewardship Lead.

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Corporate Water Strategy:  Where We're Going.

By Will Sarni, Founder & CEO, Water Foundry, Founder & General Partner, Colorado River Basin Fund.

The right water info at your fingertips.


Much more information, without any of the hassle.

GybeMaps is a SaaS subscription service, that combines data from Gybe's ground sensors with satellite imagery, giving you the near real time data you need to make management decisions and improve water stewardship, via the user friendly GybeMaps WebApp



Continuously monitor the quality of water including harmful algae blooms, turbidity, and sediments, fully automatically. 

Gybe System
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Example Use Cases

Detroit Lake_15 July 2022_9_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 3.14.28 PM.png

Algal Blooms

Keeping drinking water safe by proactively tracking blooms in a source water reservoir.

| Read Case Study

Impact Monitoring

Tracking seasonal and long term changes across a portfolio of waterbodies around the world.

| Read Case Study 

Nitrates in Rivers

Tracking nitrate concentrations along the Mississippi River, to the Gulf of Mexico. 

| Read Case Study 

Meet some of our
Customers & Partners

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"“Gybe would provide additional insight into our source water quality monitoring and assessment programs. This stems from the unique ability of satellite water quality imagery to provide a system-wide view of water quality for important parameters."

- Blair Goodridge,

Section Chief, Technology and Innovation

New York City, Department of Environmental Protection

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Customer Sites_3.jpg

Customer Sites under monitoring

Our current customers are using GybeMaps to monitor sites in the United States, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Our customers are typically either drinking water utilities, conservation organizations such as WWF and TNC, or research organizations. 

Gybe's products automate the processing of broad and comprehensive range of data from multiple sensors and satellites to derive key measures of water quality.

Aleix Serrat-Capdevila
Senior Water Resources Management Specialist,
The World Bank

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