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Changing how the world looks at water



Freshwater basins, lakes, rivers, estuaries and coastal areas are under increasing pressure due to human activity and the changing climate. In order to take action that is impactful, timely and cost-effective, we need information.  Gybe uses satellite imagery and proprietary ground-based hardware to transform the management, conservation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems. 

Our products answer some of the difficult questions about nutrient and sediment pollution, the onset and severity of harmful algal blooms (HABs), and interactions with land-use, private sector activity and meteorology.  Gybe uses analytics and measurement technology that is scalable, accurate and available continuously.

"No Water. No Life. No Blue. No Green." – Sylvia Earle

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Gybe was founded to help protect and improve water resources globally starting at the community and local level.  Our priority are our customers and the communities in which we live.



Founder and CTO

Nick's career has straddled industry and academia, and has included work at Los Alamos National Labs, HP Labs, Otago University and Oxford. Since 2009, he has focused on applying remote sensing to monitor water resources as a research professor at Oregon State University. His list of publications and patents is available at www.aquahue.net


Founder and CEO

Ivan has led engineering and product teams for Fortune 500 companies including HP, AMD and ASML. He is equally in his element working along-side customers to solve complex problems, developing industry collaborations on an international scale, and performing hands-on oceanographic field work.


Founder and Engineering Director

Omar is a systems expert with broad expertise in manufacturing, development and applications of optics, electronics and metrology systems, and has helped develop some of the world's most complex laser systems.  He is a southern California native, where water supply shortages are common, and is driven by use of technology to address key environmental problems.



Gybe has developed a unique and accessible approach to measure water quality in a wide variety of water bodies. Their technology will become an equalizer in terms of providing high-resolution and high-accuracy data for water quality in rivers, lakes and reservoirs in an open and transparent way that can be easily scaled up for broad spatial coverage around the world.

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm
Chair and Professor, University of Maryland
Lead Scientist - Global Water at The Nature Conservancy

Gybe's products automate the processing of broad and comprehensive range of data from multiple sensors and satellites to derive key measures of water quality.

Aleix Serrat-Capdevila
Senior Water Resources Management Specialist, The World Bank

The Gybe team is extremely knowledgeable and has broad expertise in optical instrumentation, data collection and processing, and algorithm development and testing.

Dr. Richard Gould



Portland, Oregon