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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the River width and depth needed for it to work?

    • Width

      • For most applications GybeMaps utilizes Sentinel 2A at
        10-20m resolution

      • GybeMaps can work with additional satellite systems to match the spatial resolution to the applications

    • Depth 

      • There is not a minimum or maximum depth requirement​


  • How much does GybeMaps cost?​​

    • Please fill out the form to determine the fitness and cost for your waterbody


  • What are all the parameter you can cover?

    • The GybeMaps platform is highly extensible and we are seeking new applications and new pollutants of concern. Nitrogen, phosphorus dissolved oxygen and and E. coli are some examples of new pollutants we are working on with customers

      • Chlorophyll-a [mg/m3]

      • Cyanobacteria Index [from -1 to 1]

      • Turbidity [FNU]

      • Total Suspended Sediments [g/m3]

      • Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) [1/m]

    • Here is a link to the produce brochure with more details


  • How long does it take the installation?

    • Getting started is very easy and fast. The process is highly automated and self-service.

    • Sensor installation typically takes a couple of hours and is also relatively easy to do relative to other sensor deployments

    • Fill out the form and your site will be processed usually within 3 days and user credentials emailed to you


  • Where I can see the results, are they available to how many people and for how long?

    • GybeMaps is a cloud platform and accessible via any web browser 

    • Typically there is not limit or cost for users

    • New data is accessible as long as you have a subscription

    • Data is exportable should you choose to end your subscription


  • Once it is installed, can I have historical analysis?
    Looking back in the last 5 years for example?

    • Yes. Historical data is one of the most valuable aspects to GybeMaps.

    • Historical data is typically available immediately once the production subscription is complete. 

    • The average historical dataset goes back 5 years


  • What are the maintenance costs?
    What are the costs after the end of the project?

    • GybeMaps is delivered as a subscription

    • Simple pricing is guaranteed for several years

    • There are no maintenance costs, upgrade costs or implementation costs

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