We have customers around the world, from the Americas to Africa, Europe and Asia. Learn about some of the solutions we offer our customers below. 

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Example Use Cases

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Algal Blooms

Keeping drinking water safe by proactively tracking blooms in a source water reservoir.

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Impact Monitoring

Tracking seasonal and long term changes across a portfolio of waterbodies around the world.

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Nitrates in Rivers

Tracking nitrate concentrations along the Mississippi River, to the Gulf of Mexico. 

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The Nature


TNC is working on making rivers healthier by understanding nutrient loading of key water sources and managing flows to restore ecological habitats.

Gybe is helping TNC generate insight about conservation approaches which are most efficient, which helps TNC develop new tools to accelerate watershed restoration. We're currently working in the Mississippi River Delta in Louisiana and the Cape Fear river in North Carolina, while continuing to explore new projects across the US and globally.


The city of Salem

City of Salem is using Gybe’s products to ensure drinking water quality through early warning and detection of harmful algal blooms, sediment loads and nutrients from Detroit Lake, a drinking water reservoir, which is used also for recreation.  


The integration of Gybe’s information and analytics provides direct operational cost and public health benefits to the city’s customers. 


AB InBev

One of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s sustainability initiatives is focused on quality and supply of water for barley growers in eastern Idaho along the Snake River. This work benefits AB InBev along with a range of other agricultural, economic and ecological stakeholders along the basin.


We are helping AB InBev quantify sediment inputs and monitor the impacts of land-use changes and efficacy of erosion control measures.